Published by Nig on 10 Dec 2019

MC-707 Template Project

The 1.20 software for the MC-707 introduced some extra MDI functionality so the knobs now can transmit CC messages but. by default it’s switched off. I was getting a bit fed up having to go in and enable it for every new track, so I created a template project, with eight tracks created and their MIDI settings turned on*. In addition, all the tracks have their Sound Source set to CLIP, giving all possible 128 clips their own individual sounds or drum kits.

Tracks 1 and 2 are Drum Tracks, 3-7 are Tone Tracks and 8 is a Looper. There are no clips created so you have a blank canvas to play with.

*The MIDI settings for each track are as follows:

Tx MIDI Control Change ON
Tx MIDI Program Change OFF

Download HERE.

Published by Nig on 04 Dec 2019

MC-707/101 Version 1.20

Huge update for the MC Grooveboxes adds sampling, MIDI control, Chord Designer and SD Card folders:-)



Published by Nig on 04 Nov 2019

MC707 Patches

With the number of patches that come as standard with the 707, you might not think you need anymore, but JIC you do, here are 128 contained in one project file.

These are all made using just VCA oscillators, with the odd PCM sample used where needed.

Just upload this file to the ROLAND/GROOVEBOX/PROJECTS folder on your MC707 and load the AI-MC707-PATCH01 project.

Download HERE.

Published by Nig on 03 Dec 2018

Roland Aira Microsite

Nice that Roland continue to add content and updates to this, with some newly added System-8 patches and effects for the VT-4, but what has piqued ny interest is the new option to send patches to the System-8 direct from the site rather than having to transfer them to an SD card. This means that it would appear that the System-8 now supports Sysex, one thing that it seemed to have lacked.

Now, if only they would release the specs for it, then we could start on the road to building a librarian, or setups for the BCR200 and other controllers.

Roland Aira Microsite.

Published by Nig on 30 Nov 2018

Once Upon a Time

In a previous life I wrote a manual for the Cheetah SX-16 sampler, which came up in a post on Reddit recently and following a request for a copy, I dug out an old archive of it and put it in a pdf.

If anyone still has one of these beasts, or you pick one up from E-Bay, hopefully you’ll find it of use:-)

Download here

It’s funny how, 25 years on, I’m still trying to improve on manufacturers’ documentation, tho’ whether I’m actually achieving that is a different matter!

Published by Nig on 08 Nov 2018

System-8 Patches

I’ve added a page for some System-8 patches I’ve been putting together. Whilst waiting for my Boog to arrive, I thought I’d try porting some patches from it to the System-8 so there’s two lots of patches derived from patches designed for the original Mood Minimoog. There’s a set of patches created just using the System-8’s FM oscillators and a set where I’ve used different combos of oscillators and filters.

These can be downloaded as individual bank files, or as one complete file containing all the banks.


System-8 Patches

Published by Nig on 16 Oct 2018

VT-4 Voice Transformer

I must admit this was a bit unexpected, but it does look very interesting. With the TR-8S and now this, one can only hope that we’ll see more re-vamps of the Aira range, such as an MX-2 or a TB-3S:-)

VT-4 Voice Transformer

Published by Nig on 08 Aug 2018

Happy 808 Day:-)

Some really really nice updates from Roland today:-) Thank you very much:-)

System-8 V1.30:

The System-8 gets a new JX-3P plug-out in slot 3.

TR-8s V1.10:

The Tr-8s gets a new Step Loop function, plus the ability to preview samples before importing.

TR-8 V1.60:

The TR-8 gets the same Step Loop function as the TR-8S.

All three also receive a number of other unspecified bug fixes.

In addition, Roland have also created a new website for the Aira range, featuring a number of new kits and sounds for the TR-8s and System-8 respectively. One hopes that this will finally see some proper love from Roland for all their Aira products, some of which haven’t reveived any updates for quite a while now.


Note that installing any of these updates will require a factory reset so backup any kits, patterns or patches you want to keep before applying the updates.

Have fun:-)

Published by Nig on 29 Jun 2018

System-8 Version 1.20

New update for the System-8, plus a bank of patches and a new manual.

Update history
[ Ver.1.20 ] JUN 2018
Additional Functions
Please refer to the “Reference Manual” for detailed information in the [ Owner’s Manuals ].

Two types of variations were added to the oscillator ( FM x 2 ).
Five types of variations were added to the filters ( JUPITER-8, JUNO-106, Formant x 2, Harmonics ).
An overdub mode was added to the step sequencer.

Bug Fixes
The following bugs were fixed.

Performances sometimes fail to be saved correctly.
Other minor bugs.

Download here.

Patches here.

And updated manual here. The reference manual shows all the variations available for the new FM oscillators and the variations for the filters. Looking forward to trying them out:-)

Published by Nig on 25 Apr 2018

Kicking Kawai Kick

Added samples from the Kawai R50e to the samples page, here

12-bit 80’s heaven baby:-)

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