Some TB-3 Pattern files that I hope you find useful.

NOTE: These files will overwrite any existing patterns you have stored on the TB-3, so backup any patterns that you wish to save before changes are made.

TB-3 Factory Patterns

These are the default patterns that come ready installed in the TB-3. You can actually restore these if you do a factory reset on the TB-3, but if for some reason, you don’t want to do a complete reset, then you can use the TB-3 restore procedure to put the factory patterns back on the TB-3.

TB-3 Empty Patterns

A full set of 64 empty patterns, with no notes, rests, accents or ties. On the face of it, a pretty pointless bank of patches but if you’re like me, you sometimes end up in a mess when deciding which patterns to keep, change or delete when creating new ones, this gives you a blank slate at which to start.

TB-3 Random Patterns

A bank of 64 patterns created using the random functions of the TB-3. The odd numbered patterns contain a random note pattern created using PTN SELECT with the SCATTER button and the even numbered patterns are a copy of the preceding pattern with a random accent/tie operation performed using KEYBOARD with the SCATTER button. The first 32 patterns (banks 1-4) are all 16 step sequences and the second 32 (banks 5 thru 8) are 32 steps.

Two things I noticed in creating this set are that firstly, the TB-3 random function doesn’t appear to be very random to me so the patterns all do sound similar. There is, however, enough variation that they can be linked together quite nicely. The second thing I noticed is that the TB-3 creates random notes, etc., across all 32 steps of the sequencer regardless of the step length set so if you have, say, 8 steps set and create a random pattern, you can increase the number of steps and still have notes playing in the additional steps. Quite useful.