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Published by Nig on 27 Nov 2020

Zenology Pro offer on Roland Cloud

Basically, register a Zen-compatiable product (MC-101 or 707 for example) and get a year’s access to Zenology Pro, plus a whole heap of other fun looking stuff.

If you’ve not registered your hardware with Roland use this link – Roland Backstage

If you have already registered use this link – Roland Cloud and use your serial number as the key.

Available until 31/1/2021

Published by Nig on 22 Nov 2020

MC-707 Random Patches

Been quite impressed with some of the patches that the Random patch function comes up with, so I thought I’d collect some.

There’s 128 patches included in the project, with the first 12 clip lines divided by the randomizer categories and the last 4, er, random. These are pretty much straight from the randomizer, with the only changes made being to the Attack time on the AMP envelope to reduce clicking. Also, there’s not much variation on the Percussion sounds, probably the only sounds that do not randomize that well.

Download HERE.

Published by Nig on 07 Nov 2020

MC-707 Cheatsheet

Finally managed to create some semblance of a Cheatsheet for the MC-707. Hopefully covers all the shortcuts, tho’ sure I’ve missed a few.

ETA: Yes, missed a couple, and also had wrong value for Program Changes.

MC-707 Cheatsheet