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Published by Nig on 08 Aug 2017

TR-8 Version 1.5

A new firmware version for the TR-8. Mainly appears to add new functionality for SP-404A Aira Sampler but also adds in the ability to change the TR-8 USB frequency to 44.1, 48, or 96 kHz.

Shame we couldn’t have had some other enhancements such as Copy Pattern A to B:-(

Published by Nig on 20 Nov 2016

Roland Australia

Of the numerous Roland websites, the Australian site has got to be the most useful and informative IMO. This is a great insight into the TR-8 effects:

Roland TR-8 Effects

Great stuff:-)

Part 2. Some great info on various effect uses on the TR-8.

Part 3. The TR-8 meets the Aira EFX modules.

Published by Nig on 31 Oct 2016

Some Updates

  1. Updated the TR-8 cheatsheet to include the additional functions included with the 7×7 expansion.
  2. Added a cheatsheet for the System-1. Not many cheats for this TBH, but have included all the CC data info, so hopefully of some use.
  3. Added some patches for the System-1 and Promars Plug-in/out.