Here you will find patches for the System-8. These have been exported from the System-8 to SD Card, zipped and added here. You will need to copy them to your own SD card and import them thru’ the Utility menu.

All of the patch banks on this page are also included in this ALL_PATCHES file, so you can either download the banks separately or as one single file.

NOTE: Saving these patches to the System-8 will overwrite any existing patches, so backup any patches that you wish to save before copying these to the synth.

Minimoog User Manual Patches

Whilst waiting in the queue for the Behringer re-make of the Minimoog Model D, I wondered if it might be possible to replicate some of the Minimoog sounds on the System-8. Apart from the obvious Anaolgue/Digital difference between the two machines, there are a few other disparities between them – The Minimoog has different oscillator waveforms available, there’s a mixer for the modulation sources and it has a built-in feedback input tied to its output. Despite these, however, they both have three oscillators, filter cut-off and resonance, filter envelope etc., so how hard can it be to match them up?

The short answer is, I’ve no idea (still waiting for the D for a proper comparison) but I must admit using the Moog patch sheets as a basis of patch creation on the System-8 has resulted in some quite nice patches IMO, so please download them and give them a try:-)

The patches can be downloaded HERE.

Minimoog Patch Book Patches

A second set of patches based on those produced by Moog for the Minimoog. This time they taken from the Minimoog Patchbook, with sounds such as a Shamisen, Flute and some percussion and FX.

The patches can be downloaded HERE.

FM Patches

A bank of 64 patches created on the System-8 using the just the FM oscillators that Roland added with firmware V1.20. Sounds range from Basses to Pads and organs. Hope you like.

The patches are located HERE.

System-8 Patch Bank 1

Another bank of 64 patches created on the System-8, this time using various combinations of the System-8’s oscillators and filtertypes. The various Oscillators can produce some interesting palates when used with the Color knob and fed thru’ some of the different filter types especially, IMO, where a conventional waveform oscillator is used in conjunction with an FM one.

The patches are located HERE.