Power on modes

The TB-3 has a number of different modes available depending on what button is depressed when the power is switched on. These are described in the following table.

Press and hold the button in the left-hand column and power on the TB-3 to get into the desired mode.

Key Function
None Normal Power on.
REALTIME REC Factory Reset
SCATTER Setup Mode
KEYBOARD and PTN SELECT Firmware Update
PLAY/STOP Patch Backup and Restore

The different modes and the functions available are detailed in the sections below.

Factory Reset

Press and hold REALTIME REC and switch on.

The START/STOP button flashes and the display shows rSt.

Press the START/STOP button to confirm reset.

When the display shows CNP, and all the Pad LEDs flash, power cycle the TB-3.

NOTE: This will also reload the factory programmed patches, so make sure any edited patches are backed up prior to performing this operation.


Press and hold SCATTER and power on.

START/STOP button flashes, some of the Pad LEDs are lit and the display shows C2.

Change the MIDI Channel

C2 refers to the MIDI channel used by the TB-3. Rotate the VALUE knob to change the channel. The channel number is updated in the display as the knob is turned.


The Pad LEDs indicate the status of various TB-3 settings:

PAD C – MIDI Clock source

  • LIT – Clock is derived either via MIDI or USB. USB has priority
  • UNLIT – Clock is internal


  • LIT – MIDI THRU is on
  • UNLIT – MIDI THRU is off

PAD Aftertouch Sensitivity

This allows adjustment of the Pad aftertouch sensitivity.

Press and hold the KEYBOARD button and the current value is showed in the display. The default is 3, with the maximum being 10 (more sensitive) and the minimum setting being OFF.

Master Tuning

Press and hold the ENV MOD button and turn the VALUE knob.

The default tuning is 440hz. Turn the VALUE knob ot increase or decrease the tuning fequency in 1hz increments.

Press the START/STOP button to save any changes. The TB-3 will restart.

Firmware Update

To perform a firmware update:

1. Power off the TB-3
2. Press and hold the KEYBOARD and PTN SELECT buttons, then power on the TB-3.
3. Connect a USB cable to the TB-3
The TB-3 appears as a drive on the PC and the KEYBOARD button flashes.
4. Copy the system file from the download directory into the TB-3 drive. When complete, eject the drive from the PC and disconnect the USB cable.
The XY PLAY flashes.
5. Press the XY PLAY button to perform the update.
On completion of the update all of the buttons from KEYBOARD to PLAY/STOP flash.
6. Power cycle the TB-3 to start the new firmware.

Patch Backup Backup and Restore

1. Power off the TB-3
2. Press and hold PLAY/STOP, then power on the TB-3.
The PAD LEDs slowly flash and if no USB cable is connected LEDs 1 and 16 are lit. When a USB cable is connected LEDs 2 thru’ 15 flash in sequence.
3. The drive that appears in the PC now contains two folders, BACKUP and RESTORE. The BACKUP folder contains 64 files, named TB3_PATCH1 thru’ TB3_PATCH64. To backup these files, copy them to another drive/folder on the PC.
4. To restore any backed up patches, copy the required files from the PC to the RESTORE folder on the TB-3 drive. Note that the files you copy must follow the same naming format as shown above. In addition, note also that any patches copied to the RESTORE directory will overwrite whatever is currently stored in the TB-3.
5. Disconnect the USB cable and wait until the LEDs 2 thru’ 16 stop flashing then restart the TB-3.

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