Drum Machine Samples

A while back I made some samples of some drum machines to use on a Novation Circuit. The drum machines were recorded (mostly) dry using Ableton, then exported as 44.1Khz 32-bit wav files and then uploaded into the Circuit using Components. The drum machines sampled were the Yamaha RX5 and RY30, a Roland R8m, an Alesis SR18 and an Akai Miniak. I know this last is not a drum machine, but it does have about 300 drum sounds on it, so it counts!

As the Circuit could only accept up to 64 samples, there are 64 (approx.) samples for each machine, located in their individual folders. You can copy the folders to your TR-8S SD card and install them as complete sets or, if you don’t want to install all files in each folder, copy the files to the root of your card’s SAMPLE directory.

The files are named as to identify the drum machine first, then the drum type followed by their name. The TR-8s only allows file nanes of 16 characters so some sample names will be truncated.

In total, there are 324 samples contained the zip, and although they are quite short samples, they will take up 88% of your available memory, if you install them all.

Download HERE.

The file is 13.3M in size. Hope you enjoy:-)

Here are some previews of the RX5, Alesis SR18 and Miniak samples that I did for the Circuit, which will hopefully give you an idea of some of these sounds.