Published by Nig on 08 Aug 2017

TR-8 Version 1.5

A new firmware version for the TR-8. Mainly appears to add new functionality for SP-404A Aira Sampler but also adds in the ability to change the TR-8 USB frequency to 44.1, 48, or 96 kHz.

Shame we couldn’t have had some other enhancements such as Copy Pattern A to B:-(

Published by Nig on 21 Dec 2016

Plug-outs for System-8

The Promars, SH-2 and System-100 plug-outs are now available in the Roland Content Store:-)

Roland Content Store

Published by Nig on 19 Dec 2016

JUNO-106 for System-8

Is now available from Roland, and very lush it sounds too:-)

Roland System-8 Update Page

Don’t forget to do a system reset to load the new 106 patches.

Published by Nig on 03 Dec 2016

Modular Customizer on Kindle

The Roland Modular Customizer app for the EFX modules (Demora, Bitrazer, Torcido and Scooper) is available for Apple, Microsoft and Android devices but there is no version available of the Amazon app store to use on the Kindle despite the fact it is essentially an Android device. In order to install the app on a Kindle however, is a fairly straightforward process that invovles installing the Google Play Store on the Kindle.

  1. On the Kindle enable “Apps from Unknown Sources” found under Settings > Security.
  2. Install the following Android Application Packages (Note that these require Fire OS V5.1.1 or above):

    Google Account Manager

    Google Services Framework

    Google Play Services

    Google Play Store

  3. Load the Google Play Store and install the Roland Modular Customizer.

And that’s it:-)

One thing that should be noted about installing these APKs, however, and that is the extraordinary amount of access these apps want to your Kindle, and you have no choice but to accept them during the install. Nor can you easily turn these off after install without installing further 3rd party apps. If you don’t want these apps to use your camera, send you voicemails or create/delete accounts (yes, they really need to do that), then don’t install them! If you do decide to use them, you do so at your own risk, I take no responsibility! Additionally, it may be worth you disabling the Apps from Unknown Sources after installation as well.

These instructions adapted from this thread on the XDA Developers Website.

As far as the functionality of the Modular app on the Kindle is concerned, this all looks good and at least works fine with the Scooper.

Alternatively, you could try this:

Aira Modular APK.

I haven’t tried this myself, I’d already installed the Google Play APKs before discovering it:-(

Published by Nig on 26 Nov 2016

System-8 to SH-101 Mapping

The controls on the System-8 are not that different from the System-1 so the diagram from the SH-101 plug-out should suffice in matching the controls, but in case there is a need for one I have created a new image showing the mapping:


Or, a PDF version is here

Published by Nig on 20 Nov 2016

Roland Australia

Of the numerous Roland websites, the Australian site has got to be the most useful and informative IMO. This is a great insight into the TR-8 effects:

Roland TR-8 Effects

Great stuff:-)

Part 2. Some great info on various effect uses on the TR-8.

Part 3. The TR-8 meets the Aira EFX modules.

Published by Nig on 15 Nov 2016

Site Update

Added MX-1 and System-8 cheatsheets on the cheatsheets page, tho’ TBF, the System-8 one is just a list of the available CCs ATM.

Published by Nig on 05 Nov 2016

Using Plug-outs with no DAW

The updates I mentioned in the previous post meant that I had to re-install the SH-101 (actually, the Roland installer will force you to uninstall the previoous version) and this lead me having a nightmare to get the SH-101 plugged-out to my System-8. I’d been using the SH-101 in Maschine for ages, without any issues, but after updating found that when I tried to load the 101 as an instrument in Maschine, Maschine would crash. I eventually tracked this down to, I think, the plug-in being installed in two places, once in “C:\Program Files\Vstplugins” and once in “C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\VSTplugins 64 bit”, so I made sure it was only installed in the first directory (where my other Roland Plugins are actually installed). I’m not sure whether this did fix the crashing as, in the meantime, I’d also updated Maschine as well, so one or the other fixed it.

However, now when I loaded the plugin, it just showed as blank window, with none of the graphics or controls being shown. Weirdly, if I moved the mouse about, I could see the values of the controls show up and I could click on the screen where the patch-list was, as well the help and about buttons, but nothing else! I’ve spent a load of time faffing about with installing the plugin in different places, and even tried re-installing the original version I had, but I still kept getting this blank screen. I was also getting the same issue in Ableton, so it was most perplexing!

I started looking around for info on issues others had installing the Roland plugins and found a couple of recommendations for some DAW free VST hosting programs – one called VSTHost and one included in the Steinberg Development SDK. I tried VSThost first and again, got the same blank 101 screen. Tried the Steinberg kit and yep, a blank screen!

I do have another PC that I use, but it has no music-related software on it at all, so I thought I’d install the Plugin on there, along with the System-8 driver and the Steinberg kit, and it all works a treat. SH-101 plugged out to the System-8 and all patches transferred:-)

The details of setting this up are detailed below.

1. Download Steinberg’s SDK

Steinberg SDK Download

2. Install VST3PluginTestHost

You do not need the full SDK, just the Testhost program, which youo can install from the SDK zipfile. The screenshot, below shows the Windows 64-bit msi location.

Steinberg MSI

3. Install the driver and Plug-in software

4. Run the VST3PlugionTestHost programme and select the desired output

This is for the audio output of the player.

Steinberg VST3PluginTestHost

5. In the VST Player, click the down arrow next to Instruments, and select the Plug-in

Steinberg VST Player

6. The Plugin will appear!

You can now Plug-out the synth, upload and download patches and/or banks.

Steinberg SH-101

Published by Nig on 05 Nov 2016

Roland Updates 04/11/16

Roland have announced an updated SH-101 Plug-out to make it compatible with the System-8, so it can now plug-out to the 8 as well as the System-1. The firmware for the System-1 has also been updated so that it works with the updated SH-101. The updated Plug-out also allows the System-8 to use the librarian contained in the Plug-out, which is nice:-)

Based on this upate, we can assume further updates will be made for the System-1 so that other Plug-out updates will work with it as well.

Published by Nig on 31 Oct 2016

Some Updates

  1. Updated the TR-8 cheatsheet to include the additional functions included with the 7×7 expansion.
  2. Added a cheatsheet for the System-1. Not many cheats for this TBH, but have included all the CC data info, so hopefully of some use.
  3. Added some patches for the System-1 and Promars Plug-in/out.

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