Published by Nig on 31 Oct 2016

Some Updates

  1. Updated the TR-8 cheatsheet to include the additional functions included with the 7×7 expansion.
  2. Added a cheatsheet for the System-1. Not many cheats for this TBH, but have included all the CC data info, so hopefully of some use.
  3. Added some patches for the System-1 and Promars Plug-in/out.

Published by Nig on 24 Sep 2016

Volca FM

Sorry, another non-Roland related post, but I was looking for a way of recording Volca FM patches and couldn’t find anything, so I created a patch sheet that allows you to see all the Operator values. Yes, you have to fill them in, sorry, but there’s not that many really. If I had any programming skills I’d make an interactive one, but in the meantime you’ll have to interact with it using a pen*!

Anyway, download it here – Volca FM Patch Sheet

*Other writing implements are available.

Published by Nig on 14 May 2016

Novation Circuit

If anyone is interested, I’ve started a forum for the Circuit, so if you have one, or even if you don’t feel free to pop by and see me talking to myself;-)

Novation Circuit Forum



PS Still working on this site as well, currently trying to complete cheat sheets for the MX-1 and System-1 as well more patterns for the TB-3 and sound banks for the System-1.

Published by Nig on 02 Oct 2015

Older Roland Gear

Recently purchased an old JV-880 synth, which after a clean up and battery replacement is now in pretty nice nick and working perfectly but I’ve now also gone one better and now have a JV-1080 and wow, that is one fine beast of a synth and one that still stands the test of time, IMO.

I sort of missed out on these when they first came out, tho’ I did have a D5, as they were quite expensive at the time, but now for around 100ukp, well worth revisiting I think, and they both sound pretty good when using them with the System-1 arpeggiator and MX-1 effects.

Published by Nig on 27 Aug 2015

Roland Release System 100 Plugin/out Synthesizer

Another addition to the Plug-out options for the System-1 and System-1m.

System 100 Plug-out

Do like the look of this, I must admit and it brings to four as the number of classic Roland synths that can be emulated on the System-1:

System 100




Published by Nig on 25 Aug 2015

System1 to SH-101 Mapping

Whilst hunting for some tips on programming the SH-101 plug-out on the System-1 I came across this rather marvellous image, that shows the relationship between the controls on the SH-101 and the System-1:


It’s actually from the System-1 software plugin manual, the full document being here:

System-1 SH-101 Plugin

Published by Nig on 07 May 2015


Nothing here yet, come back next week!

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