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Published by Nig on 03 Dec 2018

Roland Aira Microsite

Nice that Roland continue to add content and updates to this, with some newly added System-8 patches and effects for the VT-4, but what has piqued ny interest is the new option to send patches to the System-8 direct from the site rather than having to transfer them to an SD card. This means that it would appear that the System-8 now supports Sysex, one thing that it seemed to have lacked.

Now, if only they would release the specs for it, then we could start on the road to building a librarian, or setups for the BCR200 and other controllers.

Roland Aira Microsite.

Published by Nig on 25 Apr 2018

Kicking Kawai Kick

Added samples from the Kawai R50e to the samples page, here

12-bit 80’s heaven baby:-)

Published by Nig on 15 Apr 2018


Erm, added some samples of the Akai Rythym Wolf on the TR-8S samples page as I just know it’s what every TR-8S owner has ever wanted;-)

Have fun!

Published by Nig on 15 Apr 2018

TR-8S Version 1.04

Another firmware update for the TR-8Sfrom Roland:

[ Ver.1.04 ] APR 2018
Bug Fixes
The following bugs were fixed.

The “Tap Tempo” did not work.
Other minor bugs.

Download from Roland

Who knew it never worked?

Published by Nig on 04 Apr 2018

TR-8S Version 1.03

New firmware update from Roland, mainly to resolve some timimg issues:

[ Ver.1.03 ] APR 2018
Functionality Improvements

Performance when a number of level faders are operated simultaneously has been improved.
The required time and the timing of kit switching that occurs when PATTERN are changed has been improved.
The pulse waveform when outputting a trigger-out pulse from the ASSIGNABLE OUT/TRIGGER OUT jacks has been improved.
Other minor improvements in operation were made.

Bug Fixes
The following bugs were fixed.

When the external clock is in operation, effects fail to correctly synchronize with the tempo.
Other minor bugs.

Download from Roland

Published by Nig on 28 Mar 2018

TR-8S Cheatsheet

Added to the Cheatsheet page.

TR-8S Cheatsheet

Bound to be some bits missing but hopefully covers the basics for now.

Published by Nig on 05 Mar 2018


TR-8S Rythym Performer

/Drools 🙂