Some TR-8 Drum pattern files that I hope you find useful. As the TR-8 doesn’t save the actual kits with the patterns, the KIT files included are pretty much the default ones. If you do not wish to overwrite your own kits, just copy the PTN files to the restore directory rather than all the files.

If the new files do not load after going thru’ the restore procedure, try deleting the files from the BACKUP directory before ejecting the TR-8 drive and disconnecting the USB cable.

NOTE: These files will overwrite any existing patterns you have stored on the TR-8, so backup any patterns that you wish to save before changes are made.

TR-8 Factory Patterns

These are the default patterns and kits that come ready installed in the TR-8. You can actually restore these if you do a factory reset on the TR-8, but if for some reason, you don’t want to do a complete reset, then you can use the TR-8 restore procedure to put the factory patterns back on the TR-8.

TR-8 Empty Patterns

A set of 16 blank drum pattern files. On the face of it, a pretty pointless bank of patches but if you’re like me, you sometimes end up in a mess when deciding which patterns to keep, change or delete when creating new ones, this gives you a blank slate at which to start.

The drum kit setup in this set has also had some adjustment in order to disable the invidual instrument effect settings. The default is to have all instruments enabled for effects but turning them all off allows drum effects to be turned on when required, rather than turning off the ones not desired.

TR-8 Pattern Set 1

A set of drum pattern files programmed using a set of pattern diagrams found on Google docs. Not sure of the original author however, but thank you for posting them. Included in the zip is a pdf with the pattern diagrams, so if you don’t want to install the set, these can be used as a guide.