A bank of patches for the System-1 and System-1 VST.

Some of these are shown below in the plug-in screenshots, as is the patch list from the VST. A zip file is linked below, which contains a bin file for the plug-in and a set of patch files for the System-1. The patches are the same for both formats.

Patch List

System-1 Bank 1 List

Digi Bass

Digi Bass Patch

Cor Bells

Cor Bells Patch


Requiem Patch

Slow String

Slow String Patch

The Patches

Both variations of the patches are contained in this System-1 zip file, along with instructions on how to install them. Enjoy:-)

NOTE: Installing these patches on the System-1 will overwrite any existing patches, so backup any patches that you wish to save before copying these to the synth. The VST patches will be loaded as a new bank, so should not overwrite any existing patches.