I created a short three-step guide to programming the Behringer TD-3. Being a clone of the Roland TB-303, it has the same method of programming and this has long had a reputation of being dumb-foundingly complicated. In reality it’s not really that bad – first input the notes and then set the timing of those notes by specifying whether a whole note is played, whether a note is tied or if there is a rest. In addition each note can be transposed up or down an octave, have an accent or a slide.

The guide shows these stages as three separate shots of the keyboard and what buttons are needed to apply the relevant functions –

1. Notes – Press PITCH MODE and enter notes on the keyboard
2. Transposing – Press PITCH MODE again to reset the sequencer, then press WRITE/NEXT to advance thru the sequencer. Hold WRITE/NEXT to apply transpose, accent and/or slide. The notes input in 1. will light up.
3. Timing – Press TIME MODE and apply note, tie or rest to each step in the sequence. When the last step is completed the TD-3 returns to NORMAL mode

Hope it helps.

Download here

Note also that this guide can also apply to the original TB-303 and the Roland boutique TB-03 (if in OG mode).