The Alesis Quadrasynth was my first (and only TBF) 76 key synth which went astray in a mate’s attic for about 20 years. About three months ago I got it back and it’s as good now as it was then, tho’ I must admit I never knew its filter didn’t have resonance. If I’d realized that back then I probably would never bought the thing, but you know, it was the early 90s and digital was everywhere!

Anyway, I wondered about putting some sounds on the MC-707 from it, so I sampled the drum kits and some patches ending up with a project containing as many as I could fit in.

In the project file, there are two drum tracks with the drum samples, two drum tracks with the patches (sampled C0 thru’ C7) applied across the pads and four tone tracks of patches made with the synth samples. The QS has only eight drum kits by default, so the drum tracks have four clips of each drum set. The patches are a combination of some of my own as well as some factory patches.

In addition to the project file, all the samples used on the MC-707, plus a few extra that I couldn’t fit in the MC’s memory, are in the download so you can use these without loading up the project.

Download HERE.